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PLASTIC suffered a high voltage anomaly on December 5. The instrument is in the process of being recovered to full operating mode, which is expected to take several days. Until this process is completed, PLASTIC data should be considered as untrustworthy.


Where is STEREO Today?

Positions of STEREO A and B for 4-Apr-2020 02:00 UT

Plot of spacecraft positions

This figure plots the current positions of the STEREO Ahead (red) and Behind (blue) spacecraft relative to the Sun (yellow) and Earth (green). The dotted lines show the angular displacement from the Sun. Units are in A.U.

When the two spacecraft are close to Earth, an expanded view of the region around Earth will appear on the right, in the same orientation as the Sun-centered view.

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                                STEREO-B           Earth        STEREO-A

Heliocentric distance (AU)      1.076806        1.000145        0.967268
Semidiameter (arcsec)            891.179         959.489         992.101

HCI longitude                    190.529         118.925          42.960
HCI latitude                       1.054          -6.354          -5.083

Carrington longitude             342.976         271.373         195.408
Carrington rotation number      2229.047        2229.246        2229.457

Heliographic (HEEQ) longitude     71.604           0.000         -75.964
Heliographic (HEEQ) latitude       1.054          -6.354          -5.083

HAE longitude                    266.343         194.496         118.968

Earth Ecliptic (HEE) longitude    71.847           0.000         -75.529
Earth Ecliptic (HEE) latitude     -0.278           0.000          -0.124

Roll from ecliptic north           0.091                          -0.033
Roll from solar north             -7.038                           5.267

Light travel time to Earth (min)          10.148          10.024

Separation angle with Earth               71.847          75.529
Separation angle A with B                        147.373

Carrington rotation 2229 runs from 2020-03-28 08:45 (DOY  88.36) to
2020-04-24 15:16 (DOY 115.64), as seen from Earth.

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