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Important notice about the deactivation of the STEREO ftp server

New procedure for updating SolarSoft

Important notice about STEREO Behind

PLASTIC suffered a high voltage anomaly on December 5. The instrument is in the process of being recovered to full operating mode, which is expected to take several days. Until this process is completed, PLASTIC data should be considered as untrustworthy.

STEREO Orbit Summary

This page shows approximate dates and times of significant orbital events during STEREO early operations, based on the latest ephemerides.

Launch26-Oct-2006 00:5226-Oct-2006 00:52
A1 Apogee31-Oct-2006 16:3931-Oct-2006 15:56
P1 Perigee 6-Nov-2006 09:08 6-Nov-2006 07:44
A2 Apogee11-Nov-2006 23:4511-Nov-2006 21:44
P2 Perigee17-Nov-2006 13:4317-Nov-2006 11:18
A3 Apogee23-Nov-2006 16:2423-Nov-2006 14:52
P3 Perigee29-Nov-2006 19:5829-Nov-2006 19:20
A4 Apogee 6-Dec-2006 02:07 6-Dec-2006 02:29
P4 Perigee12-Dec-2006 08:3012-Dec-2006 09:54
S1 Swingby15-Dec-2006 21:2815-Dec-2006 21:03
A5 Apogee 2-Jan-2007 06:02
S2 Swingby21-Jan-2007 09:03

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