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Deactivation of ftp on the NASA STEREO server

Because of a high-level government directive, we will no longer be able to provide ftp access to STEREO data after 31 July 2019. However, all the same data will still be available via the web. To make it easier for people who are used to downloading the data from the ftp site, we have set up a pub subdirectory of the stereo-ssc website which links to all the data previously served by the stereoftp server.

There are a number of existing tools for copying data from web servers, such as wget and curl. While NASA does not officially endorse any of the these products, we here at the STEREO Science Center have used wget for some projects, and can offer some tips on how to use it. Wget is not typically supplied with the operating system, but can be retrieved from a number of sources on the Web.

There are a number of keywords which can be used with wget. We suggest that you look at the documentation for a complete description. However, here are some keywords that we've found to be particularly useful.

-m (--mirror)    Turn on options suitable for mirroring.
-nH (--no-host-directories) Disable generation of host-prefixed directories.
--cut-dirs=N Ignore the first N directories when saving the files.
-e robots=off Ignore robots.txt
-A acclist Comma-separated list of file name patterns to accept.

Complete descriptions of these keywords can be found in the wget documentation.

For example, to copy over all ".ptp" and ".fin" telemetry files for IMPACT during the month of April 2019, and storing them in the proper year and month subdirectory of the current directory, the command would be

wget -m -nH --cut-dirs=4 -e robots=off -A "*.ptp,*.fin" \

which would create the subdirectories 2019/04 in the current directory. Copying over all the months for 2019 would be

wget -m -nH --cut-dirs=4 -e robots=off -A "*.ptp,*.fin" \

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