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Science Center - STEREO-A and L1 missions

This tool shows the location of the STEREO Ahead spacecraft relative to Earth and various missions at the Earth-Sun L1 point during the close approach of the STEREO Ahead spacecraft during the summer of 2023, an event also known as inferior conjunction. The top panel looks down on Earth’s orbital plane in Geocentric Solar Ecliptic (GSE) X and Y coordinates. The Sun is to the right of this plot. The middle panel shows the elevation above or below the ecliptic plane, in GSE X and Y coordinates. The last panel shows the view looking along the Earth-Sun line, in GSE Y and Z coordinates.

Positions of STEREO-A and L1 missions for 2023-08-17T00:00 UT

            Satellite locations on 17-Aug-2023 00:00:00

                  GSE-X          GSE-Y         GSE-Z
		   (AU)           (AU)          (AU)

  STEREO-A      0.0548967     -0.0071692      0.0019598
       ACE      0.0106163      0.0003124     -0.0010572
      WIND      0.0102200     -0.0040067      0.0003055
    DSCOVR      0.0096157      0.0009367     -0.0006660
      SOHO      0.0101044      0.0041911     -0.0003913

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