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STEREO Space Weather Beacon Coverage

This plot shows the sources of the STEREO space weather beacon telemetry. Some telemetry comes down together with the full resolution science telemetry, through the NASA Deep Space Network. Other telemetry sources are

  • NOAA: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (F=Fairbanks, W=Wallops)
  • APL: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD, USA
  • KSWC: Korean Space Weather Center, Jeju, South Korea
  • BOCH: AMSAT-DL/Bochum Observatory, Germany
  • KIEL: Amateur station DL0SHF, Kiel-Ronne, Germany
  • TOUL: Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales: Toulouse, France
  • KOGA: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology: Koganei, Japan
  • CHIL: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory: Chilbolton, UK

Please note, we are no longer receiving telemetry from the Chilbolton, Toulouse, or KSWC stations. However, they still appear on the plot for historical purposes.

Space weather beacon coverage
Plot revised: Friday, 19-Jul-2024 23:19:36 UTC

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