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Dennis Wang
7 Oct 2005

Usage: icomp options [-v] [-h] [-i inputfile] [-o outputfile ] [-s segments] [-r rows] [-c columns]
[-f filter] [-d decomps] [-b bytequota] [-m min_loss]

icomp -v -i rawfile -o compressed -s 16 -r 1024 -c 1024 -f 0 -b 100000 -m 0

The input file should be an array of 16 bit pixels.

The filters are numbered 0 to 6 corresponding to different wavelet filters.
The choice of filter is dependent upon dynamic range of the image.  The widest dynamic range flter is filter 0.

Segments is the number of segments the image is divided into for compression.  When a packet is lost, one or possibly two segments are lost.

Decomps is the level of decomposition, together with the number of segment this determines the smallest sub area the will be compressed.

The ICER decompresser is called idecomp
The only important arguments are the input filename and the output file name.

-v is the verbose option
-h generates the message below

Usage: idecomp options [-v] [-h] [-i inputfile] [-o outputfile ]
Example: idecomp -v -i rawfile -o compressed

Output Messages:
The only important message is the ICER_DIVIDE_BY2_FLAG which indicates the image was divided by two for dynamic range reasons.  You will probably never see it because the FSW Build 4.7 should put it in explicitly in the command log (it will be done prior to ICER).